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The Hydro Pool

Hi, I'm Carol, the Assistant Manager of our Hydrotherapy Pool here at Jack Tizard School. Anthony, our pool manager, and I work full time at our fantastic multisensory pool to ensure that everyone has access to a clean, safe and stimulating facility.

The pool is heated to a comfortable 33.5 degrees Celsius and is 4ft deep.

Entrance to the pool is either via a gentle sloping ramp, with a supportive showering chair or using our overhead tracking hoist system; which allows the person to be hoisted from their changing/showering bed straight into the pool.

Our changing room has been designed to accommodate all needs. Each bed/area has access to a shower and is enclosed by curtains to ensure dignity and privacy.

We have a range of buoyancy aids from arm bands, rings, to buoyancy jackets and even specialist head floats to ensure that everyone can swim.
However, our pool is not like other hydrotherapy pools! We are lucky enough to have amazing switch-activated lighting, bubbles and fibre optics in ours. Children can enjoy an enriching multisensory environment with underwater lights, videos projected onto the wall and accompanying sounds and music.

We can change the entire atmosphere of the pool with a touch of a few buttons. You may find yourself swimming in an eerie swamp with green underwater lights, squelchy sound effects and crocodiles. Then, the next minute, you might be by a beautiful sunny beach, listening to the sound of waves, playing with beach balls and buckets and dancing to the exciting sounds of steel drums.