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Governors Interests

Pecuniary Interests Personal Interests
Governor Date Started Appointment Date Finished Appointment *
Complay directorship Charity trusteeship Any other conflict **
Immediate family
Business involvement
Governor in other Schools
Mark Blake Jul 2015    No No No No No No No
Geraldine Elliott Dec 2016   No No No  No  No  No  No 
Mohammed Mannan Sep 2016 Jan 2019  No  No  No  No  No No  No 
Tia McPhee Jul 2015   No No  No  No No No  No 
Ben Mayers                  
Michele Rooney Jul 2015    No  No  No  No  No No  No 
Sue Slynn Jul 2015    No No No  No  No No  Treehouse
Aidan Smith May 2014    No  No  No  No  No No  No 
Francesca Smith Sep 2017   No  No  The Big Splash Trust No  No No  No 
Peter Smith

Sep 2013

Sep 2017

July 2017


No No  No No  No No No 
Tricia Swaby Jul 2015   No No  No No  No No No 

* Business of which I am a partner / proprietor

** Immediate family / close connections to the governor working in school.

*** Business involvement company directorship or trusteeship of family / close connection to the governor (e.g. a business the school might deal with )

**** Governor in another school and date appointed.