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Our School Leadership Team

Francesca: Headteacher

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I hold ultimate responsibility for every aspect of the school. This includes the education and progress of all pupils as well as the management of staff. I also develop the strategic vision for the school alongside governors and the rest of the school community. I am the Designated Safeguarding Lead and work alongside parents/carers and other professionals to ensure pupils are safe and well cared for.

Sarah: Deputy Headteacher

I oversee the operational day to day running of the school, including daily staffing and pupil first day response. Alongside this I work with the rest of the leadership team to develop the strategic vision for the school. I deputise for the Headteacher in all areas, including safeguarding.

Jo: School Business Manager

My role is both operational and strategic, and covers a wide range of areas which help to ensure the smooth running of the school and support outcomes for students. These include management of the day to day finances, Human Resources, purchase of goods and services, facilities management, and health and safety and compliance.

Peter: Assistant Headteacher

I ensure the highest standards of teaching, learning and curriculum across the school. I line manage the Heads of Department and work with the rest of the leadership team to ensure the school continuously moves forward as an outstanding place of learning and care. I am also a member of the safeguarding team.

Kirsty: Head of EYFS & Primary

I am the first port of call for all things primary related. I am a class teacher, but also responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Primary Department. I work within the leadership team, representing the Primary pupils and staff, helping to discuss and implement the strategic vision for the school.

Stephanie: Head of Secondary & Post 16

I am one of the new Heads of the Secondary and Post 16 Department. My role is a job share and I will be working with Katie. We will ensure that the pupils’ have excellent outcomes during their time with us and that the teaching is of an excellent standard. We will ensure that the pupils’ transition through the school and into adult life is positive. We will be a key link to parents, carers and the other professionals throughout this time.

Katie: Head of Secondary & Post 16

I am one of the new Heads of Secondary and Post 16 department. I will be working part time, sharing the role with Stephanie Freestone. Together, we will line manage the teachers in the Secondary and Post 16 classes and we will oversee the education, care and transition for pupils in the Secondary and Post 16 Department. We will work with the remaining Senior Management Team to ensure the highest standards of teaching and learning.

Gemma: Family Link Worker

I have the best job in the school as the Family Link Worker! I work extensively with families, providing parents and carers with support, information and advice on social, emotional and health issues in a variety of ways. I also work closely alongside class teachers, and other school based professionals, in order to maximize pupils wellbeing, engagement and enjoyment of new experiences. .

Amy: Occupational Therapist

I am the Occupational Therapist at Jack Tizard. I work in the Therapy Team alongside school staff and families to provide the best support to pupils to enable them to access learning and achieve optimal independence. Our “therapy ethos” is to integrate and embed all strategies and intervention into the daily routine. I am the Therapy Team representative on the school leadership team.

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