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Correspondence regarding Covid-19

The School remains closed until further notice

updated on the 23rd March 2020

An update from the JT Team.

Our main focus this week is doing whatever we can to support the pupils who have the most complex health and care needs, in conjunction with the Local Authority. This may involve asking available staff to step outside their usual roles, if necessary. We would always go the extra mile for our pupils and will help in any way we can. Your son/daughter's class teacher will be contacting you frequently to check in and see if there is anything you need. If we can help we will and can signpost where needed. The advice remains that the safest place for anyone is at home.
We continue to work closely with the Local Authority and have already given a list of staff names to start this process off. We know the pupils attending the Steven Wiltshire Centre will appreciate a familiar face!
For our families on free school meals we will be in touch soon to let you know how you can receive additional support for meal provision.
Please do use the school contacts in your family packs to get in touch for any reason at all.
Please look after your loved ones and stay safe. Thinking of you all

The Senior Leadership Team

coronavirus information

colourful handsArt & Sensory Play Ideas

Here are some Recipes & ideas to engage learners in sensory play

Art and Sensory Play Ideas Hand Out
Marbling with Shaving Foam

The Sensory Projects 

The Sensory ProjectThe Sensory Projects have provided a number of links to resources that may be of use they can be accessed from here

The Sensory Project activities for home

Twinkl free access code


Twinkl are proving free access to their online resources for parents to use at home. Use the code above to create a new account from the link below


P.E. With Joe: Live workouts for Kids

codeJoe Wicks is hosting a free workout aimed at kids 'LIVE' on this YouTube channel monday to Friday at 9am.
You can subscribe to his channel from the link below

Daily LIVE work out for Kids More Info
Daily LIVE work out for Kids YouTube channel

BLINK Dance Free Basic Guide

blinklogoBLINK Dance have created a free basic guide for parents and carers who may want to do some dance activities with their children from home, please find attached. They hope to follow these with some free tutorials and exercises on their youtube channel in the hope that this might be able to provide a small buffer at this challenging time.

BLINK Dance Hand Out

The Halliwick Concept for People with Disabilities

For over half a century people with disabilities have been experiencing freedom in water learning through using the Halliwick Concept. Jack Tizard School has affiliation with Halliwick and has been incorporating Halliwick into topic based drama sessions as well as sing along social sessions.

Halliwick is based on principles of hydrostatics, hydrodynamics and kinesiology. It is a holistic approach bringing together knowledge about the water and the body, teaching and learning, motivation, challenge, activities, games and music, group dynamics, disability equality issues and swimming strokes (http://www.halliwick.org.uk/)
Swimmers advance through the Halliwick 10 steps programme improving their swimming positions and techniques until they reach 'water happiness' and can then progress to learning swimming strokes.
It is enjoyed by children because it is fun and gives them a freedom of movement only experienced in a hydrotherapy pool.
In the drama sessions, learners work on a number of topic related themes such as 'funfair', 'people who help us' or 'sports day'. They are able to feel how their body moves in the water and gain experience to float, stabilise and propel themselves through movements. The sessions can include use of the multisensory equipment to create atmosphere to the drama.
Group sing along social sessions are a fantastic way to be social with peers, to learn from one another and to celebrate achievement. Communication is key in these sessions as these children are able to be physically closer to their peers without equipment preventing them from physical interaction. The learners are able to use their augmentative communication aids (such as Makaton, eye gaze systems, PECS) to interact with one another. The learners work 1:1 with a confident staff member to work on their own pool targets but work together as a group.
The learners are very motivated in these sessions and with consistent and repetitive guidance, language and expectations, the learners have a chance to work on their own targets in a safe environment.