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Art & Sensory Play Ideas

Here are some Recipes & ideas to engage learners in sensory play

Edible Finger Paint  •  Rainbow Collage  •  Tiger Mask  •  Zebra Collage  •  Art and Sensory Play Ideas Hand Out  •  Marbling with Shaving Foam  •  Salt and Glue Painting  •  String Painting  •  Flour and Water Glue

GOSH Power of Play Ideas

colourful hands

Great Ormond Street Hosptial have assembled a range of games and activities they are available  from the link below.

Power of Play Link

Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties about covid 19

colourful hands

This blog provides links to some useful resources and social stories which may help some students better understand what is going on during this difficult time.

What is Corona Virus Blog Link

BLINK Dance Free Basic Guide

blinklogoBLINK Dance have created a free basic guide for parents and carers who may want to do some dance activities with their children from home, please find attached. They hope to follow these with some free tutorials and exercises on their youtube channel in the hope that this might be able to provide a small buffer at this challenging time.

BLINK Dance Hand Out

P.E. With Joe: Live workouts for Kids

codeJoe Wicks is hosting a free workout aimed at kids 'LIVE' on this YouTube channel monday to Friday at 9am.
You can subscribe to his channel from the link below

Daily LIVE work out for Kids More Info
Daily LIVE work out for Kids YouTube channel

The Sensory Projects 

The Sensory ProjectThe Sensory Projects have provided a number of links to resources that may be of use they can be accessed from here

The Sensory Project activities for home

These activities are only available  for computer users at present

 Switch Games Pie Throw:- Help to develop single switch and two switch skills, you can also use the mouse or Touch screen:- Start the activity and press T to get into setup page.  
 JT Mouse Skills 1:- Develop mouse over and object clicking Skills :- Start the activity and press T to get into setup page.  
tiger Tiger timer:- Simple on screen timer with a Tiger theme:- The tigers climb down the trees to get the food.  
water Water Timer:- Simple on screen timer with a Water theme:- Water drops fall to fill the screen.  
London:- Five activites for you to play.  
schooldays School Days:- Six activites for you to play.  
Clocks:- Learn to tell the time using Analog and Digital Clocks.  
Key Bash:- Play with the Letters and Numbers on the Keyboard.