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Head Teacher: Francesca Smith

The school day is from 9:10 am to 3:10pm.

School Curriculum

We believe that each pupil has the right to learn within an environment that is caring, supportive, stimulating, enjoyable, age appropriate and challenging. We aim to provide an inclusive curriculum that has the scope to answer the needs of all children within the school, and which celebrates all achievement.

The curriculum is designed to encourage the pupils to be active participants in their learning, enabling them to achieve their potential and make progress by expressing preferences, communicating needs, making choices and choosing options that other people act on and respect.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum framework which meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum (NC) and includes modifications to make it accessible to all pupils. Based on clearly defined individual teaching programmes, pupils are provided with carefully planned opportunities to consolidate and extend their skills.

Teachers work in partnership with parents and with a multi-disciplinary team to design and implement highly structured teaching programmes which take account of the age of the child, the nature and degree of disability. This enables them to meet the very specific educational needs of each child in their class. Pupils’ medical, physical and care needs are incorporated into their individual educational plan.

The cross-curricular skills identified by the National Curriculum, namely communication; numeracy; problem-solving (cognitive); personal and social and I.T. are firmly established within the school’s Curriculum Framework, and form an integral part of our individual learning programme approach.

We recognise the importance of our pupils being able to transfer these skills, independent of context and the need to develop them in many different contexts across the curriculum. All learning is justifiably linked to a clear functional purpose, i.e. a skill that the pupil can use in their everyday living and is transferable in a wide range of contexts in and out of school, setting firm foundations for the skills needed for living and enjoying life.

Pupil learning is planned around individual strengths, needs and motivators and focuses on targets, reviewed regularly in each pupil's IEP and linked to objectives on their statement of special educational need. Priority areas of learning in the IEP are cross referenced to the termly topic plans.

The development of communication and interaction skills remains a priority for all our pupils and is promoted throughout the school day.

Equality of Curriculum access is achieved by the adoption of specialist approaches to teaching and learning. Approaches include those that are specific to pupils with multi-sensory impairment (MSI) or those with autistic spectrum conditions (ASC).

There is an overall framework, which clearly allows for the progression of skills from Foundation to Post 16 


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