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The physiotherapy team is here to help Jack Tizard pupils achieve their maximum physical potential both at school and in other settings. We use a wide range of skills to problem solve your child's difficulties and through an individualised assessment, we are able to provide personalised programmes that help your child progress to their physical potential.

At Jack Tizard School, we have two part time physiotherapists and two full time physiotherapy assistants. The physiotherapy team is funded by Chelsea and Westminster Foundation NHS Trust. The lead physiotherapist is Jules, and she qualified in 1998. Most of her experience has been in paediatrics, in particular neurodevelopmental paediatrics. She has worked in other special needs schools, the NHS and the Bobath Centre. The second physio is a rotational physiotherapist with paediatric experience, who spends a year at Jack Tizard School. Both physiotherapy assistants work closely with the physiotherapists, and are highly trained and skilled.
Our aim is to ensure that your child achieves his or her maximum physical potential.

We assess each child on an individual basis to identify what they can do, what they find difficult and what is holding them back from achieving their physical potential. Even if your child has the same diagnosis or condition that another child in the school has, he or she is a unique individual and their physio programme will be individually tailored to meet their needs.

We work closely with your child’s teacher and teaching assistants to ensure that the recommended physio activities or exercises are integrated into the school setting. We have a good relationship with teaching staff as well as the other therapists in Jack Tizard. This means that relevant information is shared regularly so we can update the physio programme as your child progresses and address any new concerns quickly. We also communicate with parents/carers regularly and welcome your input. Parents/carers get copies of physio exercise programmes, are invited into school to learn how to carry out physio activities for your child and when appropriate, we will do a home visit. We know how important it is for children to have opportunities to do physio exercises in all situations do maximise opportunities to develop their motor skills.

Some of the treatment options we use in this school include:

  • Postural management equipment such as standing frames, positioning wedges, and supportive walkers
  • The use of orthotics devices such as Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFOs), spinal braces, leg gaiters and supportive shoes
  • Individual therapy sessions to work on specific activities in your child’s programme, for example, stretches, strengthening and balance activities
  • Gait training, for example, teaching a child how to walk with a supportive piece of equipment or start taking steps on their own
  • The use of ‘hands on’ techniques to improve your child’s ability to move in a better way. For example, if your child prefers to stand with more weight on his right leg than his left, we support his left hip and use our hands to help shift their body weight over to their left
  • Teaching staff and parents/carers to handle your child in a way that encourages your child to be a more active participant. For example, we may teach you to support your child at his hips and help him learn how to push himself up off the floor using his legs more rather than pulling him up with his hands.
  • Casting stiff joints using plaster cast over a few weeks to help increase their flexibility. This is helpful when children have tightness of the knees and ankles
  • Hydrotherapy based treatment

In addition, we work very closely with the Paediatric Orthopaedic team at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital and we run a regular orthotics clinic in Jack Tizard School.

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