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Speech and Language Therapy

The Speech and Language Therapy team at Jack Tizard School endeavours to develop and support your child so they can express themselves and understand the world around them. There are many ways to communicate and with the support of school staff we will find out which way is best for your child.

Examples of various methods of communication include:

  • Spoken speech
  • Signs, like Makaton (see www.makaton.org for more information)
  • Picture exchange communication systems/PECS
  • Objects of reference, for example using a spoon to indicate lunchtime
  • Symbol and word based communication books, boards and voice output communication aids

We also work with your child with any eating and drinking difficulties. We assess your child to ensure that he/she is safe to eat and drink in the school. We identify any risks and support school staff to manage those risks, for example with the use of different food textures and thickened drinks. We work in partnership with the other therapies to support and develop your child’s eating and drinking skills and help them become more independent.
The Speech and Language Therapy service also provides training to the whole school and class teams in areas such as: Communication Passports, Augmentative and Alternative Communication(AAC), language development, eating and drinking to build understanding and increase consistency in use of tools and techniques.

We adapt our work within the school in different ways.
The Speech and Language Therapy team at Jack Tizard will work with your child in one or more of these ways:

  • Working with the whole class, for example demonstrating ways of supporting and developing students’ communication during lessons.
  • Assessing the communication environment and supporting school staff to develop this throughout the school.
  • Individual assessment and input where required around students’ feeding and/or communication skills.
  • Devising individual programmes (a range of activities/strategies that should be carried out with a student on a regular basis).
  • Meeting with parents during coffee mornings.

Within the school we have one full time Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and one part time Specialist Speech and Language Therapist. In addition, we have a Speech and Language Therapy Assistant who works two days a week supporting the work of the Speech and Language therapists.
Working in partnership with parents, carers, school staff and other therapists (to find out more about the other therapies at the school click here?) underpin every aspect of our support for children at Jack Tizard School in developing communication skills. We work flexibly with the school and can adapt our therapy to meet the needs of every child.

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